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Establishing a Brand for Your Apartment Community

Everyone knows that companies need a brand, but do apartment communities? The answer may be yes. Apartment communities can benefit in multiple ways from strong branding. Having a brand aids in marketing and reinforces a specific environment around the community. In many ways, having a brand is simply having a unique identity.

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4 Common Challenges When Renting to College Students

Managing properties within a college area can be incredibly lucrative. College towns tend to be excellent fodder for property management companies, because the high maintenance nature of these rental properties often provoke landlords into seeking out professional help. Landlords and property management companies need to anticipate some challenges when renting to college students, but overall it is usually a profitable endeavor.

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Evaluating Your After Hours Emergency Plans

According to the National Emergency Number Association, there are roughly 240 million 9-1-1 calls in the United States every year. The NENA reports that in some communities as many as half of all calls come from cell phones. Sadly, non-emergency calls for things like losing a passport or locking yourself out of your apartment clog the system and slow down response time for legitimate emergencies.

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How To Attract Property Management Contracts Beyond Local Prospects

Extending your property management circles to entice remote property owners can be fruitful when approached correctly. Remember, property owners are looking for someone they can trust to oversee their vested interests as well as help them improve the rental value of their rental properties regardless of locale. Property owners that live elsewhere are looking for someone they can trust to have their backs even though they aren’t nearby to oversee your every move.

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AppFolio Happy Video Outtakes

You may remember the Happy Video we posted in March. We put an AppFolio spin on Pharrel’s Oscar-nominated song “Happy” and it became quite the social media and YouTube sensation! Created as a project for our annual Hack Day, this fun and uplifting video exemplifies the spirit of AppFolio culture and teamwork.

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