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Get to Know the AppFolio Services Team

At AppFolio we believe that our customers are our partners. We strive to provide the best possible customer experience through personalized service and a knowledgeable team that works to gain a deep understanding of your business needs while having fun in the process. Our award-winning Services and Implementation team is inspiring what we like to call “customer love” on a daily basis. So we decided to catch up with some of the leaders of these exceptional teams to learn the secrets behind great customer care, and how it is implemented and celebrated behind the scenes.

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Can Property Management Certification Really Save You Money?

Staying abreast of changing regulations is a laudable goal, but realistically this requires a full-time employee designated to the task. Administrative staff at small, self-managed properties often wear many hats. Whether it is lack of time and resources, or simply poor management decisions, setting policy based on incorrect information is a costly mistake.

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Effective Reputation Management (Webinar Recap)

We partnered with Homes.com and ForRent.com for an informative webinar on a very important topic: Reputation Management. This webinar was packed with valuable tips and resources that property managers can implement now to manage and expand their online reputation. These weren’t just talking points, these were real action items that can have a huge impact on your business.

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Growth, Marketability and Valuation: Are You Asking the Right Questions?

The primary problems for nascent real estate investors are knowing what to ask and whom to trust during this phase. Small property owners looking for growth or expansion opportunities often start by finding an experienced broker to walk them through the process. While there is nothing wrong with hiring a broker, it’s important to realize […]

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The Art of Understanding the Value of Multifamily Communities

Value is a complex concept. Discovering the true value of multifamily housing in a given region – neighborhood, town, state, etc. – involves far more than simply comparing similar properties’ selling prices and revenue streams. Investors and property managers often focus on the hard numbers on their financial statements, comparing revenue to expenses and depreciation rates against […]

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