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Retiring At 27, With A Little Help From Great Software

You’ve seen it before. The advertisement with the unnamed person, sitting on their laptop gazing out over a beautiful beach. The headline might read: “The freedom to work from anywhere.”

One young man took these images to heart, and made the decision early on that he would be one of those “beach executives”. At 21 years old, he set his goal to be retired by 27. His name was Brenton Hayden, CEO of Renters Warehouse.

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Understanding Tenant Psychology

If you’re having trouble connecting with your residents, it might be communication error. According to nationally recognized body language expert Jan Hargrave, and many other professionals who study personality and motivational factors, only 7% of all communication is verbal. It really isn’t the words you say that creates a lasting impression, it is how you say them, your posture and your tone.

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Because We’re Happy!

At AppFolio we understand that a positive work environment coupled with a creative and talented team is the key to success. We love what we do, and it shows. That is why we decided to capture a behind-the-scenes video of the energy, creativity and fun that is a staple of our team, and is sure to make you smile…and probably dance around too!

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Keys to a  Successful Property Management Website

In today’s world, your online presence is the face of your company. Most of the time it’s the first thing prospective owners and residents will see before initial contact is made. First impressions are key to engaging visitors. If your website is without features such as: clean design, user-friendly functionality, and online access to applications, listings, etc., you may lose valuable business before you’ve even had a chance to make your case. Does your website give a great first impression of your business?

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Have You Been Left Behind By Discontinued Software? There Is A Solution

Have you ever had a software program you use be discontinued? If you have then you know that when software is being discontinued, users should act quickly to transition to a comparable program if they want to ensure that they don’t experience any interruption of service, critical system issues or loss of the data they manage with the current program.

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8 Ways to Drive Rentals with Social Media

As a professional property management company, it comes as no surprise to you to discover that social media now plays a large role in prospective residents’ considerations. Today, however, simple tweets about available units aren’t enough – you’ve got to sweeten the deal by really getting creative and promoting the best aspects of your community, particularly those features that outshine competing properties.

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Get To Know AppFolio’s Product Manager, Ursula Shekufendeh

In our AppFolio employee interview series, we introduce you to the people responsible for making the company fun, intellectually challenging and dynamic place to work. Today we feature Ursula Shekufendeh, Product Manager at AppFolio. The following is our interview of Ursula:

Where are you from?
I grew up in central Italy. When I was 15 years old, my family moved to the San Francisco Bay Area where I lived for 12 years before moving to Santa Barbara.

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