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Finding the Ideal Renter

When it comes to successful property management, finding the ideal renters is not only essential, it’s a common concern among leasing agents. In fact, a survey of property managers and landlords found that 60 percent described finding the right renters as their biggest challenge.

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Green Property Management Practices and Why Residents Love Them

You’ve likely already addressed the main staples of your building’s eco-friendly performance when it comes to energy assessments, water use, and green building principles and general practices. However, many of the little things that really make a green community truly green may still need addressing. Residents across the nation are into trends, and fortunately, being green is a trend – one that’s hopefully here to stay.

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Dawson Property Management Grows With AppFolio

We recently documented the story of Dawson Property Management, a thriving business out of Charlotte, NC who began running in to some challenges as their portfolio grew. The company manages just under 100 properties in the state, including single-family homes, townhomes, condos and several multi-family properties. With this wide-ranging and diverse portfolio, owner Derek Dawson knew it was time to seek a better solution that could meet all his business needs

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